No Credit Score Personal Loan

Personal Loan for No Credit (CIBIL) Score Customer

This won't impact your CIBIL score
* Conditions Apply

Is it possible to get a Personal Loan without Credit (CIBIL) Score? Yes, why not?

A good Credit score reflects good repayment history of an individual and it is one of the most important parameters for loan sanction. LoanTap provides you with the opportunity to improve your credit rating, as we have flexible loan options available for customers without any credit history or score.
At LoanTap we look at every customer in totality. Everything carries a weightage – salary, banking habit, nature of job, job stability, residence stability and of course Credit Score. Because of human angle involved, over and above machine learning our approval rates are better.

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So, stop worrying and avail Personal Loan from LoanTap, this will also help you improve your credit rating.

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Avail a Loan From LoanTap and Build Your CIBIL Score

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Product Suite

EMI Free Loan EMI Free Loan
Personal Overdraft Personal Overdraft
Personal Loan Personal Loan
Credit Card Takeover Credit Card Takeover
Advance Salary Advance Salary
Rental Deposit Rental Deposit
Wedding Loan Wedding Loan
Holiday Loan Holiday Loan
Premium Bike Loan Premium Bike Loan
Being Human ECycle Being Human ECycle

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have an option to pre-close the loan?
Yes, you can pre-pay the loan facility post 6 months of disbursement. No foreclosure charges are applicable post 6 months of loan completion, however within 6 months you can prepay your loan with minimal charges
How much is the processing fee for availing this loan?
Processing fee for this loan is 2%+applicable taxes; on the gross loan amount sanctioned.
Can I make part payments/higher payments towards my loan outstanding? Any charges applicable?
Yes, you can make higher payments towards your loan. No charges for higher payments or foreclosure are applicable post 6 months. Within 6 months you can make part payments or foreclosure-with minimal charges applicable.
Where do I see my outstanding balance?
You can check your loan details by accessing “My Account” feature on our website. You will need to login using your registered email ID.