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Flexible Personal Loan - EMI Free

If you wish to fund multiple expenses arising out of home improvement projects or medical emergencies, an EMI Free Flexible Loan is the best option for you. Enjoy benefits of interest only payments every month combined with bullet payments towards the principal outstanding every 3/6 months; letting you recover from the heavy expenses that you just incurred. This offer is ideal for you if you are a salaried professional who receives regular bonus or additional income every few months. This loan helps you have a reduced monthly instalment every month and make lump sum payments towards the Principal outstanding every 3/6 months. This loan offer helps you reduce your monthly EMI outflow by 40%.

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Flexible Personal loan - Step Up

If you wish to plan a travel trip arising out of work or leisure or indulge in planning a grand event, this flexi loan offer is ideal for you. With this loan you can enjoy interest only payments for the first 3 months followed by fixed monthly instalments for the remaining tenure. This helps you recover from the expenses of your trip and gives you a breather for the initial months followed by fixed EMIs for the remaining tenure. This makes it easy to maintain your cash flows without having to worry about post event expenses

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Flexible Personal loan - Overdraft

This Flexible personal loan offer is best suited for individuals who have a list of expenses to attend to and may not know the exact amount required to fuel these expenses. With this Flexi loan offer, you pay interest only on the amount you withdraw and not on the entire sanctioned amount. Also, it is the best alternative for you if you depend on Credit Cards for your expenses as it demands only half the interest rate as compared to credit cards. Go for this Flexi Personal loan offer if you have recurring expenses, like those related to home renovation.

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Why take LoanTap’s Flexible Personal loan?

Salaried and business professionals can avail a flexible loan that offers flexible repayment options and one can enjoy lower monthly outflow towards EMIs. Whatever be the purpose of the loan, a flexible loan can help you cover all the purchases you desire, with ease. With LoanTap’s Flexible loan offerings, you can avail up to Rs. 10 Lakhs for as long as 60 months just within 24 hours!

Instant Approval & Disbursal

Flexible Personal loan can be availed with an easy application process in less than 24 hours

Flexible Repayments

LoanTap's Flexi Loan comes with flexible repayment options

Minimum Documentation

You can avail a Flexi Loan by applying online with few basic documents

Transparent Process

Our Flexible Personal Loans come with No hidden/pre-closure charges

Eligibility criteria for Flexible Loan

To avail a Flexi Loan, you must qualify under the below mentioned eligibility criteria

  1. Individuals with a minimum income of INR 30,000 are eligible to get a Flexi Loan
  2. Indian Citizen/Residents who are 21 years & above
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Documents required for Availing a Flexible Personal Loan

To avail a Flexi Loan, you must qualify under the below mentioned eligibility criteria

  1. PAN Card
  2. Salary Slips (last 3 months)
  3. Salary Account Bank Statement (3/6 months)
  4. Address Proof (If differs from permanent address)
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When should you opt for Flexible Loans?

EMI Free Loan

This Loan is ideal if you have heavy expenses to attend and would need the funds for a longer tenure. If you have any sudden expense arising out of a medical emergency or have multiple big ticket expenses to fuel, this flexible personal loan would be of great comfort as it helps lower your monthly outgo towards repayment by 40%. A lower EMI outgo will help you save cash flow which can be redirected for other necessary expenses.

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Step Up Loan

This Flexible Loan is ideal for individuals who indulge in travel more often either arising out of work or leisure. It may also come handy for individuals who may be planning a big event like a marriage or wedding functions. This loan offer lets you recover from the expenses incurred giving you space to bring your finances in order when you most need it.

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Personal overdraft facility

This facility is just like a credit card, but only cheaper! An overdraft facility fuels the borrower with the convenience of deciding how much money to withdraw and when to withdraw. As the loan demands interest only on the amount withdrawn, you can avail this Flexible Loan when you wish to plan multiple expenses or upgrades for your home or even business. You certainly may not know the exact amount that your expenses are priced at. Thus, this loan lets you keep an amount handy for any expense and withdraw and repay as and when needed.

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How we provide Flexible Personal Loan within 24 hours

online application
Online Application

Apply for your flexi loan while sitting at your home and upload the required documents

online application
Record your time for Representative visit/E-agreement

Download documents as per checklist, sign and handover to our representative who will come to your doorstep

online application
KYC & Fund Transfer

We check documents, verify them and activate instant disbursal for your Flexible Loan

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