Millennials today are high spirited and are up and about almost round the clock. Right from weaving a healthy luxurious life for themselves to exploring heartfelt experiences, everything that one aspires for can be achieved. To support this deep rooted belief of millennials, LoanTap has innovated in the personal loan space for improved financial assistance so that one can desire, aspire and achieve dreams without the worry of finances!

LoanTap has designed customised solutions for many requirements arising at different stages in life, they are broadly listed below  – 

All aspiring millennials are on the constant look out for upgrades. Be it the latest laptop with high tech features, a smart phone that helps you ease your work, an iPad that adds to the effortless multi-tasking, the home theater that enhances your movie experiences, who doesn’t want to upgrade to a 2.0 version. Also, Home Improvement projects are always on our list as we all want to blend with the trends yet stand out from the crowd. All these upgrades may amass a large amount of bills. Thus, if these purchases are carried out by swiping credit cards, you may just end up paying high interest as compared to a personal loan. LoanTap has financial solutions for all the desired upgrades you wish to carry out, at a rate lesser than credit card and at a much faster speed than a bank loan. 

Vacations are the most awaited event every year, regardless whether it’s with friends or family. Imagine waiting the entire year for a holiday and then having to compromise because of a restricted budget. Likewise, having a small scale wedding instead of a lavish one, would that be the desired way you would want to organise a once in a lifetime event? Certainly not! Thus, to enhance your experiences and add value and joy to your events, LoanTap has designed customised personal loans keeping in mind the pre, on going and post expenses incurred for having an experience worth remembering.

While you would wish to make the most of an opportunity to provide good education to your child, we cannot defy the fact that most educational institutes demand payment of school or college fees on a quarterly or half yearly basis. Along with the school fees come the expenses of books, canteen fees, uniforms, coaching fees and so on. To enable you to make provision for a lump sum payment without denting your budget planning, LoanTap has a financial solution viz., School fee Loan that is designed so that you can pay the fees arising out of any educational course.

Taking care of our health along with keeping our family members safe and protected has always been the top of our list. Be it addressing a medical emergency, preparing for a coverage under a health insurance plan or availing any health care treatments, these costs can be unforeseeable expenses. Keeping the health factor into prior consideration, LoanTap has designed various health care financing solutions to enable you to not only avail various treatments but also, afford a suitable Health Insurance with the help of a personal loan. Be it any need arising out of a health related factor, our personal can come handy to meet your requirements. 

Debt management 
Most of us have credit cards and may also be majorly dependent on them for our day to day expenses. We may also have some ongoing loans availed to meet some financial needs arising out of lifestyle based requirements. While servicing multiple debt instruments may turn out to be a daunting affair, LoanTap has solutions to simplify your debts too. Customised Personal loans like Credit card Takeover loan and Loan for Debt consolidationF are designed to lower your burden of multiple ongoing debts and also lower your outgo towards your EMIs. Opting for debt consolidation often helps bring your credit score in line too! 

Isn’t it like that one place you certainly will find solace?! 

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